Saturday, April 23, 2011

emelda rose

sorry sayang sebab nia tak pandai sangat buat poem dalam bahasa inggeris...
still learning...not perfect at all
but 4 u my dearest try harder
hope u like it...sorry again syg if ayat i mcm berterabur..
sbb i lme da tak buat poem :)

the most beauty rose that i ever saw
its you...
you got a pretty eyes like a sunshine
you make people still alive around you
when im looking at you..
the beat of my heart come around...
when u lost from my eyes...
im feel like im gonna die..
i dont know y...mybe its hurt to say
u its everything 4 me...
im try to not losing u...
but sometimes i careless
u are my pleassure in the world..
like a star in the sky....
nothink more important
than having u in my heart sygss <3

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